Martin Maison Margiela shirt, Zara skirt, Acne Studio scarf, Dolce&Gabbana Sicily bag and Bianco Timeless boots

This inner feeling grows, every time I'm there. It's red buses, classic taxis, the buzzing sound of something constant, life and atmosphere. London is really starting to grow on me and I love to be a part of it. The architecture, the people, the pace, the speed and all the moments that give you a smile over your mouth. Spent my time yesterday in smaller alleyways, London is so much more than Oxford Street.

Although the day started with a stranger's cup of coffee all over me, it ended well. Being spoiled with Ladurée and Jamie Oliver at Angel station was an extra special treat, it was a beautiful Saturday.

Photos by Gabriela

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Sabrina Vidal has a need to explore, learn and experience things, life is an eternal journey where you can be a part of something big and something small. Welcome to my blog, mostly about fashion, travel and the beauty the world has to offer.


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