Suit designed by me, Zara coat, Acne Studio boots and Dolce&Gabbana Sicily Bag

Ohh London, I think I'm falling for you. When I moved to London on Tuesday, was I terrified and excited about my choice. I have experienced the independence of being a student living away from home and new people have moved into my life. Great people, loving people. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to study in a city like London.

London Fashion Week is going on and I went on a trip yesterday, what a beautiful mess. Hundreds of fashionistas gathered at Sumerset House right in town. Skilled photographers and amateur cameras catching creative souls who spread their feelings with colorful clothes and statement pieces. I had to wear my suit, this beautiful suit made by my grandmother and me. A very classic look for my very first fashion week. I don't know how to express my happiness during the hour I was there, sharing a passion with so many different souls. Have you ever been to a fashionweek?

Photos by Tor Even

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Sabrina Vidal has a need to explore, learn and experience things, life is an eternal journey where you can be a part of something big and something small. Welcome to my blog, mostly about fashion, travel and the beauty the world has to offer.


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