Dress from Brazilian marked, J Crew hat

Gran Canaria's mountainous areas is definitely something to see, if you are interested in more than just beach and swimming. I think that learning to be a proper tourist when traveling will give so much more out of everything. You get a journey full of adventures, instead of an ordinary trip, which only put in the back of your head as soon as you're done. The photos above, from Fátaga was a delightful place, between Canarias huge mountains. Remember to follow me on bloglovin sweeties!

Photos by Amanda Fernandez

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J Crew sweater, vingate shorts, Dolce and Gabbana bag and Michael Kors watch

Heading to the mountains of Gran Canaria today, I'm so excited.

Photo by Helene Olsen

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Dolce&Gabbana Sicily Bag

My biggest purchase in fashion ever, my first designer handbag to mark a very eventful year. There was no doubt when I saw this bag that this was the one. I've always liked the handle of Louis Vuitton's Alma Bag, but the shape would not be optimal for school and everyday life in the way I wanted. This is so classic, with room for my things, the texture of the leather is beautiful. On top of everything it has this strap, so you can use this in different way, and that something to love. This really is a stunning black leather bag from the excellent Dolce&Gabbana. Classic, very me and very timeless. I truly entered fashion heaven in their store. The spring collection is absolutely breathtaking, just to mention. Think I'm in love with it just to make a statement.

In this case the bag represents a new start for me, and the ending of this year that has been so full of things, private. I left school a year ago and I have been working, with a lot of thoughts in my mind, experienced more than ever and made ​​one of the most important decisions in life so far, further education. I've decided to believe in myself and some luck on my way. The future is great, uncertain and exciting. In the meantime, summer be filled with strawberries, sun, sunscreen, sea, friends, food and family. Can't wait.

Photos by Helene Olsen

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Margiela shirt, Zara skirt, Kurt Geiger heels

Although our days in Miami was quite gray, we managed to get out and experience the city of Miami. It's so exciting to travel to new places, experience new ways of living, in a very superficial view of course and see everything. Everyone looks so incredibly laid back and in some ways is admire that. Compared to New York or Oslo, it seems so relaxing. Palms all over the place gave me the Miami feeling I was looking for!

Lets talk about food experiences, Miami has a lot of good food to offer, which is one of the things I love most and appreciated when I'm on vacation. Shopping can be found many places but food, I love food and tasted the best sushi in my life at the Delano hotel. A small, small sushi restaurant where you sit with two cooks just meters away from you. You are also surrounded by amazing interiors, because this hotel give you a feeling of something very sexy. It's darker, deeper, soaring ceilings and special furniture that fills the room just enough. My best recommendation from Miami, no doubt.

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Minimum dress, Zara heels

This day really started with a pajamas from Victoria here in Miami. Miami life has been pretty sweet, relaxing and cozy. The pajamas had pineapples all over and was so sweet. Lets say I took inpirasjon from it, and when, all I wanted to wear this night was the yellow dress from Minimum with these green heels. A proper pop up color is a must and can not be avoided sometimes. Yellow is also one of the colors that you just suddenly get the urge to use and just need to use.

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Suit designed by me, shoes Michael Kors, Mulberry pouch and Michael Kors watch and Hm top

Although our NY days are over for now, am I pretty satisfied in Miami. We flew over from the big city to the beach town yesterday afternoon and checked into the most spectacular hotel I have experienced so far. It's so modern, great design and colors. New York was extremely successful and this day, the pictures above were taken was definitely the best. Long bike ride in Central Park and dinner at Bistro Milano. High level pasta.

The best thing about the evening was the question I got from a real New Yorker: "Are you a fashion blogger?!?". I was quite in shock and she gave me her card, to her own NY blog. Maybe I should get me one of those to? Haha. Loving the crazy New York.

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Brand new start! One can have many ways to say it's strange, but for my own part, to actually take a decisions to delete anything that previously existed and start over was in a way quite big. But I'm very happy to be back and this day, is the first day of my holiday and the energy flows trough my body! Why I have chosen to start again is simply changes, I'm very happy with changes because most of the big changes I have experienced in life so far has given me more than anything. This is the start of another new project. When I compare myself, from a year ago, until now, things are so different. I have been so uncertain about future and study. Now that some pieces has fallen into place I'm mentally and physically in a completely different place, I feel so much better. I have family close, close friends and are surrounded by a lot of pleasure and love most of the time.

Thinking about the blog, a have some ideas in my head, I want to inspire more. For me that means focus even more, and spend more time with photos, quality before
quantity. The focus will once again be fashion and travel. The blog will have a super start with new adventures on my white sheets with a great journey, together with a person I have near and dear. Tomorrow I'll travel to a city I've always wanted to experience. The big apple. Finally, before this new start, a little bit of reminiscing, a little recap of what was, then draw a line and start something new.

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Sabrina Vidal has a need to explore, learn and experience things, life is an eternal journey where you can be a part of something big and something small. Welcome to my blog, mostly about fashion, travel and the beauty the world has to offer.


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