Asos faux fur coat, Zara jeans and Bianco boots

HAPPY NEW YEAR! An very obvious start of this post and it's edicated to sum up last year and cheer up everything exiting coming up this year. Since last time, yes, now more than two months ago things have changed. Not just that I very spontanious got myself a fringe and shocked my mother for Christmas but I feel London is starting to feel like home. I keep telling my self, in some days I'll be home again, home to London where I have my space, my university, my friends, my team, my life now a days, for real. But being home for Christmas and new year has been abosolutely perfect tough. Well things have changed in other ways as well. I'm getting to know London, getting to know the english language better, the people, the big city vibe and experience student life in a english way, that's very much fun!

I've truly dedicated all my time since September in getting to know people and be open for new experiences, and belive me when I say I have. This new year is anyways always about improvments we say. We have ourself this speech about all we have to do from one to ten but I think I'll just let all that go and take things as the come to begin with. I have some ideas of course, of what I want to do, but it's more of a make it a part of everyday, rather than a check list. I would just love to know more, do more and be curious. I want to see more of London this year, than last year. Know more about food, art, places and people. Fill up this everyday with exiting things next to all the reading I have to do. 2013 was spectacular, filled with travel, new friendships and a big change in life, dear London and university. Wishing you all a very happy new year, make life interesting!

Photos by Helene Velle Olsen

Sabrina Vidal has a need to explore, learn and experience things, life is an eternal journey where you can be a part of something big and something small. Welcome to my blog, mostly about fashion, travel and the beauty the world has to offer.


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