Dress from Brazilian marked, J Crew hat

Gran Canaria's mountainous areas is definitely something to see, if you are interested in more than just beach and swimming. I think that learning to be a proper tourist when traveling will give so much more out of everything. You get a journey full of adventures, instead of an ordinary trip, which only put in the back of your head as soon as you're done. The photos above, from Ftaga was a delightful place, between Canarias huge mountains. Remember to follow me on bloglovin sweeties!

Photos by Amanda Fernandez

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Postet av: Abigail Buntu
s pen!
28.06.2013, 19:50
URL: http://b0nt0.blogg.no
Postet av: ezel - helene og michelle
kjempe fine bilder! :)
28.06.2013, 20:03
URL: http://ezel.blogg.no
Postet av: Martine Hermansen
Herlige bilder! S utrolig pen du er :)
28.06.2013, 20:10
URL: http://www.marty95.blogg.no
Postet av: Caroline
Herregud, s fine bilder. Pen.
28.06.2013, 22:37
URL: http://svartblekk.blogspot.no
Postet av: Frida Hustig
Du er nydelig! Veldig fine bilder :-)
28.06.2013, 23:01
URL: http://www.sweetoutbreak.blogg.no
Postet av: se
Utrolig inspirende!
29.06.2013, 19:22
URL: http://asemo.blogg.no
Postet av: Sabrina Vidal
se: Koselig hre!
29.06.2013, 20:44
URL: http://sabrinavidal.blogg.no/
Postet av: Josephine
Meget fine billeder :)
02.07.2013, 10:52
URL: http://www.stylebyjosephine.dk

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