Brand new start! One can have many ways to say it's strange, but for my own part, to actually take a decisions to delete anything that previously existed and start over was in a way quite big. But I'm very happy to be back and this day, is the first day of my holiday and the energy flows trough my body! Why I have chosen to start again is simply changes, I'm very happy with changes because most of the big changes I have experienced in life so far has given me more than anything. This is the start of another new project. When I compare myself, from a year ago, until now, things are so different. I have been so uncertain about future and study. Now that some pieces has fallen into place I'm mentally and physically in a completely different place, I feel so much better. I have family close, close friends and are surrounded by a lot of pleasure and love most of the time.

Thinking about the blog, a have some ideas in my head, I want to inspire more. For me that means focus even more, and spend more time with photos, quality before
quantity. The focus will once again be fashion and travel. The blog will have a super start with new adventures on my white sheets with a great journey, together with a person I have near and dear. Tomorrow I'll travel to a city I've always wanted to experience. The big apple. Finally, before this new start, a little bit of reminiscing, a little recap of what was, then draw a line and start something new.

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Postet av: Sara
Veldig fine bilder!
01.06.2013, 20:30
URL: http://sarakirkeby.blogg.no
Postet av: veronica
finne bilder bli med i ukensblogger du har kjangse til vinne det er 3 som vinner du har den peneste bloggen av de som er mine venner du trenger bare skrive p et av mine innleg er med
01.06.2013, 22:25
Postet av: veronica
bloggen min hetter veri123.blogg.no
01.06.2013, 22:27
Postet av: connie rossing
fine bilder!!!
02.06.2013, 15:46
URL: http://www.conniero.blogg.no

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